Walleyes and Trophy Northern Pike Report

Monday, March 16, 2015

Well spring is finally here and with the unusual warm temps we have been having everyone has been hit with fishing fever.... Me included.  I have been on the water alot this past week on Lake Sharpe breaking in my new boat and just happend to have a few minnows on board...    There are a few Walleyes being taken in the stilling basin, around the bridges and downstream around Antelope Creek and Ft. George.    The water temp is slowly climbing into the mid to upper 30's.   Jigs and minnows are the ticket right now as far as presentation goes but when that water warms up a bit the crankbait bite will explode.   The Walleyes are just starting to go and the bite will only get better in the next week or 2.  Hang on.

Lake Oahe still has alot of ice but once again with these super warm temps the ice is turning dark and starting to go.  I put ice out about a week or 2 away.  Its hard to tell as Mother nature controls all.  I know I have my Pike stuff ready to go...  This years Pike bite is going to be nothing short of fantastic.  I look for ALOT of super 20# plus Pike to be taken by anglers this spring.  There are a ton of 18 to 25 pounders out there right now.  I have been here almost 3 decades and there are more big Pike in Lake Oahe than I have ever seen.   Now is the time to start chasing that giant Pike of your dreams.   

There should be a ice out Salmon bite going at that same time too.  Long lineing crankbaits / spoons on mono and leadcore can be deadly this time of year.   I look for the Chinook Salmon bite to go this spring and it should be interesting to see the Atlantic Salmon try to get a foothold in Lake Oahe this fall when the GF&Parks start stocking them. 






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