Oahe / Sharpe

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lake Oahe has slowed up a bit as the Walleyes are at 20 to 35+ foot most days.  When the wind blows and the waves start kicking up a good mudline dont be afraid to roll up shallow and give it a try.   Bouncers and livebait rigs are the ticket right now.  Minnows, crawlers, leeches are all working on plain hook rigs and spinner rigs.  I have been pulling alot of spinners lately and that has been working good for me.  I like silvers, greens and chartreuse #3 Colorado blades.  Pull them fast on a heavy 1 1/2 to 2 oz. bouncers and really make those spinners pound.  There is a spotty crankbait bite going too both on mono and leadcore line....  No real big numbers of Walleyes are being caught on Oahe right now but the ones you do see are nice fat Oahe footballs.  There are some really nice Smallmouth to be had up in 15 foot or less and on the face of Oahe Dam.    I have heard of a few Salmon being taken around the intakes and the face of the dam up to Chantier. 60 to 80 foot. Flashers, dodgers, spoons. No numbers of Salmon being caught but I have heard of a couple taken over 20 pounds in the past few days.  

Lake Sharpe is really putting out some nice fish right now.  If you are patient and work your patterns you will come home with 15 to 17+ inch fish.  Lots of 13 to 14 inch fish being caught right now too.   Fun!  Lots of action and there are some really nice Smallmouth mixed in with the Walleyes.  My bigger Walleyes this week on Lake Sharpe ran 19 to 21 inches and I had 2 Trophy Angler Smallmouth Bass coming in at 19 1/2 inches and 18 1/4 inches this week too.   World Class Smallmouth!  I would call the bite on Sharpe good to great from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Channel edges, sunken humps and islands in 12 to 20 foot has been the best for me.  Bouncers and live bait rigs.  I have been pulling alot of spinner rigs on Sharpe too.  Same colors as Oahe.   There is a hit or miss bite going on around Pierre too.  Bluffs, Bridges and the boulders are putting some fish out when they run some water.  I look for the fall bite to explode around Pierre when the Corps starts to drain Oahe down for winter.  Heavy current will draw alot of fish upstream to the Pierre area this fall.   

Here is a link for the corps water levels on all the lakes...http://www.nwd-mr.usace.army.mil/rcc/plots/plots_rollover.html#   

Another great link for the wind forecast http://windmapper.com/forecast/Pierre

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