Oahe / Sharpe

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lake Oahe has a fair to good bite going on right now.  I have been fishing from Spring Creek to Sutton Bay and I am finding fish the whole way along.  When the wind blows the fish move up into the mudlines and feed fairly shallow in 15 foot of water or less.  On the calmer days I am finding Walleyes out to 35+ foot on the main lake points.  Both live bait rigs and Crankbaits are working.  I prefer a heavier bouncer rigged with plain hook and spinnner rigs.  Minnows, crawlers, leeches...  your choice.  Longlining crankbaits on both mono and lead core is working out deeper on the suspended fish.  Lots of bait on my graph every day.  Oahe is in great shape and the fish are FAT Lake Oahe footballs.  There are some nice Smallmouth to be had on the face of the dam too.  I could catch Bigfoot easier than a Salmon right now.  Walleyes are where its at on Oahe right now.

Lake Sharpe has a good to great bite going on from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Lots of 14 to 16 inch Walleyes to be had along channel edges and sunken humps in 14 to 20 foot of water.  There are a few Smallmouth being taken along the way too.  Bouncers and spinners are working the best for me on Sharpe.  Heavy bouncer and go fast, make that spinner pound and hang on.  Minnows, Crawlers, Leeches... its all working now.   Chartreuse.   There are some Walleyes being taken around the bridges and tailrace area too.  Nothing too fast there but if you are patient you will find some fish close.  When the Corps turns the water loose this fall to drain Oahe the bite on lake Sharpe around Pierre is going to go hard. 

The bite on both Oahe and Sharpe is a good one all in all.  Granted some days the weather makes it tougher but if you really take a look at all the fisheries that we have going right now its amazing.  Walleyes, Smallmouth, Pike, Catfish, White Bass...  I had 7 species in my boat the other day up on Oahe...  come share in the adventure this area is famous for!

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