Oahe / Sharpe

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lake Oahe continues to have a good bite going on.  Lots of Walleyes, Smallmouth, Northern Pike and White Bass being caught right now.  Everything is working... Jigs, Bouncers and Crankbaits.  I have tried all 3 presentations in the past 3 days and we limited every day.  Smaller fish up shallow, the bigger ones are starting to set up a little deeper and everything is like at 18 foot or less for me.  Go shallow up into the mudlines when the wind blows and go deeper on the calm days.  Both Minnows and Crawlers are working on my bouncer rigs, powerbait on the jigs.  Its been a great week for me.  The Smallmouth are big and really starting to come on and I got into some really nice 16 to 17 inch White Bass yesterday too.  Its a super fun time on Oahe right now....  The fish are shallow and feeding heavily.

 Lake Sharpe still has a lot of fish coming out of the lower end from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Lots of smaller Walleyes but if you are patient you will come in with some nice Eyes.  Channel edges and sunken islands for the Walleyes and hit the big flats and gravel points for Smallmouth.  12 to 25 foot deep for the walleyes and 4 to 12 for the Smallmouth.  Bouncers, Jigs, Cranks... Both minnows and crawlers are working good.  The best bite is on Lake Oahe.



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