Oahe / Sharpe

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lake Oahe has a good bite going on right now.   The water level is high and the fish are looking for warmer water right now.  My best bite has been fairly shallow when the wind blows and deeper when its calmer.  Good bite all in all.  Try to stay in 15 or less when the wind blows.  Don't be afraid to go shallow.  We pitched jigs the other day and were getting them up as shallow as 2 foot.  Classic Lake Oahe mudline bite now.  I see huge pike, FAT walleyes, big Smallmouth and White Bass.  The bite is set to explode with this warm weather we have been having.  ALL fish I see now are super fat and healthy.  Jigs, bouncers, crankbaits.  Its all working.  I like minnows for live bait right now.  Fun!

 Lake Sharpe is putting out a lot of Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass right now.  You have to go thru a lot of 14 inchers though.  There are a few fish being taken around Pierre but the main bite is from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Bass up shallow in 14 or less and walleyes out on the channel edges out to 25 foot.  When the wind blows the fish seem to be shallower here too.  Its all working here too... Bouncers, jigs, crankbaits.  Minnows and crawlers. 



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