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Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you all for another great year.  I want to personally thank all those that have fished with me this summer and for the past 22 summers.  With over 2 decades of guiding on Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe I have seen many things... Awesome days when the fish were on fire to tougher days when the storms and the wind driven waves truly showed who was the boss.  My guide season is winding down now and I was sitting here thinking about this summer and of all the summers gone by I am truly humbled and blessed by the good Lord to be able to do this guide thing for so long.  

I had a great time this year and the memorable parts for me were lots of huge Pike in the spring, 4 over 20 pounds and a bunch from 15 to 19 pounds...  I even won 2nd place in the Grey Goose Store Pike Tournament in a VERY tough field of some of the best local Pike anglers around.  The Walleye bite was good to great as always and of how the Smallmouth Bass have come on in Lake Oahe.... Truly a world class Smallmouth bite up there now.  Literally several dozen trophy Smallmouth over 18 inches found there way into my Pro-V up there....  Then the total surprise Chinook Salmon bite this August and September on Lake Oahe was just absolutely  amazing.  Just missed the state record Salmon by 12 ounces with a 30 pound 12 ounce monster and I had 5 Salmon over 20+ pounds in my boat.  Lake Oahe has never had Salmon this big ever...

All these things were great and fun but as I sit here I have to be honest and tell you that the highlight of my summer was watching a 4 year old boy catch a walleye all on his own, reel it in all on his own and then he held it up for me all on his own to have his picture taken... That little mans smile will stick with me till they drop me into the hole.   I have had many, many amazing experiences / adventures with my customers and friends in my 50 years but I have to tell you that its the little things that make life good.  I have caught dozens and dozens of giant fish... Cashed checks in tournaments....  My house is full of so much taxidermy that it looks like Cabelas....  I live the dream life of fishing / hunting every day but nothing means as much to me as that little boys smile.  God is great!  All the rest is just meaningless dust in the wind.  I am very blessed to share my gifts with people.  Its just what I do. 

There is still a fair to good bite going on Lake Sharpe.  Mainly from the bridges to Degray.  I have been working from Stoney Point to Degray mainly but there is a bite further upstream also... the Bluffs thru Antelope Creek is holding fish also.  I have been pulling crankbaits mainly but there is a fair to good bouncer / minnow bite going on too.  It just seems like the days I am out fishing its been really windy and I am forced into crankbaits.  Its been working though...lol.  8 to 15 foot along the old river channel is holding the most fish.  There is a fair to good bite going on in the Tailrace at night depending on how much water they are running out of Lake Oahe. Giant Walleyes seem to come out of the Tailrace every November.. Some of the biggest Walleyes of the year actually..

Oahe has a fair bite going on for Smallmouth and Northern Pike if you can catch a calmer day where you can work some shallow structure slowly with bouncers / minnows or slow trolling crankbaits.  Weather dominates all this time of year.  The Walleye bite has been tough all in all lately on Oahe.  I have found a few Walleye up shallow in 15 foot or less on secondary points in the backs of the bays but its a total sketchy bite there..  here one minute gone the next.  Dragging jigs and trolling crankbaits super shallow on that bite... 

I am going to raise my guide rates as of January 1, 2017 but if you book a trip with me for next year before January 1 you will still get this years rates.  I have not raised my rates in many years and the costs of operating just go up every year....  I am still fishing / guiding right now but winter is closing in fast so if you want to go catch a few before ice up please give me a call or drop me an email asap. 

Thank you all again for fishing with me, for visiting with me at the boat ramps / cleaning stations and for reading these reports.  I am truly blessed by you all and I sincerely thank you!!!  May God bless you with many smiles.





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