Oahe / Sharpe

Monday, October 24, 2016

Lake Oahe has a fair bite going in the Cheyenne river for walleyes and a fair to good bite going on for Smallmouth Bass.  The Walleyes are on both main lake points and secondary points (in the bays) in 10 to 25 foot of water.  Jigs have been working best by dead sticking / dragging behind the boat with some fish taken by casting jigs with a very slow retrieve back to the boat.  Bouncers when the wind blows.  Minnows all the way.  Pulling cranks up shallow (15 foot or less) puts a few Walleyes, Bass (both White and Smallmouth) and Northerns in the box too.  My best bite for Smallmouth has been towards the mouth of the Cheyenne on rocky points and submerged islands on live minnows.  Jigs and bouncers there.  4 to 30 foot as the Bass seem to either be really shallow on the rocks or suspended in deep water nearby.  Weather dominates all this time of year and if you catch a couple nice days in a row the bite is better.  Wind and cold fronts make it tougher. 

There has been a few big Salmon taken on the face of the dam casting spoons and or plugs in very shallow water by the West Shore boat ramp.  The Salmon are done spawning and are up shallow in the final stages of life. 

Lake Sharpe has a fair to good Walleye bite going on from the Bad River to Degray.  Dragging jigs and bouncers along the bluffs in 6 to 12 foot.  Bouncers, dragging jigs and longlining crankbaits from Antelope creek to Degray.  8 to 12 foot there.  Both minnows and crawlers are working.   The fish are nice and fat this time of year. 

There is a fair to good bite going in the tailrace too and I look for that bite to really go hard here in the next few weeks.  Both casting crankbaits from shore and drifting 3 way rigs / bottom bouncers with crankbaits in a boat has been working.  I like fire tiger / blue and chartreuse for colors there.  There is always a few HUGE 10 to 14 pound Walleyes caught out of the tailrace every fall.  Now is the time to come for that chance to catch the Walleye of a lifetime...  Weather dominates all this time of year and just like Oahe if you get some nice days the bite seems to go and wind / cold fronts make it tough.

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