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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Lake Oahe has been putting out some incredible Salmon in the past couple weeks.  We just missed the state record for Salmon by 12 ounces yesterday with a 30 pound 12 ounce fish.  What a beast.  38 1/4 inches long with a girth of 27 inches.  We literally caught that fish in less than 10 minutes of fishing.  Talk about a rush... When I saw that fish come up to the boat my heart about exploded... Into the net it went and we had it.  We instantly loaded out and went to the certified scale at Dakotamart.   Once we took pictures and froze that fish for Wildlife Unlimited in Fort Pierre SD to mount we went back to Salmon fishing.  Two hours later we stuck another huge Salmon that weighed 25 pounds 5 ounces.  AMAZING day on Lake Oahe.   Please look at the pictures on my FB page Dakota Walleye Guide Service.  I have never seen huge Salmon like this on Lake Oahe before...  NOW IS THE TIME TO COME for a Trophy Salmon. 

I have been running flashers and squids / flies mainly with some trolling spoons thrown in the mix once in a while.  Both of those fish came on flashers / flies.  My go to colors are green, pink, blue, glow and chartreuse.   Blue trout / blue fly was the hot setup yesterday but I see fish being caught around me on ALL different colors.  I have those 5 main colors down on my cannonballs and let the fish tell me whats up.  I change colors / setups quite often.  Dont get stuck on blue just because I caught these fish.  Tomorrows color will be different.... It always is....lol  

Most of the Salmon have been coming out in the deeper water on the face of Oahe Dam but dont be afraid to try the Twin Bays to Chantier Creek pull too.   I set my cannonballs at 70, 80, 90, and 100 ft. to start out and go deeper / shallower from there.  Usually over 110 to 180 foot of water.   Dont be afaid to go into 80 foot of water and run your cannonballs shallow.  The Salmon are moving constantly and are all over the place depthwise.  TRY EVERYTHING depthwise and colorwise.

The walleye bite on Oahe continues to be fair as there is so much baitfish in Oahe right now they dont have to feed much and are not that active.  The Walleyes I do see are coming on deep cliff edges and suspended near there.  Bouncers / crawlers and trolling crankbaits on leadcore there.

Now the Smallmouth Bass on the other hand are going crazy on Lake Oahe. Lots of really nice 17 to 20+ inch Bass in Oahe. Fairly shallow bite here... 5 to 30 foot. I am having my best luck on Bass with live minnows. I seem to find most of them suspended around saddles and rocky humps with deep water nearby. Super fun as these fish are fighters who battle you all the way to the boat. Don't overlook this fishery.  The Smallmouth Bass on Oahe right now are some of the biggest Bass that I have seen in 22 years of guiding... World class to say the least...


Lake Sharpe has a good bite going around Pierre but its nothing fast. Tailrace to Antelope Creek, current breaks, channel edges and deeper holes are all holding fish. Bouncers and spinners / plain hook from the tailrace to Antelope Creek to pitching jigs / crankbaits on the wing dams and current breaks around the bridges.... There seems to be fish here and there. With the Corps running more water now the bite around Pierre has picked up. Downriver on Lake Sharpe has the best bite going. Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam is going good for Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass. Channel edges and sunken humps / islands in 12 to 30 foot depending on the wind and or weather. Bouncers and crawlers are working the best for me here.  Sharpe is your best bet for Walleyes right now and the Pierre area is going better now that the Corps are running water out of Oahe.  Bigger fish too from what I am seeing. 

I have been getting ALOT of phone calls and emails asking if I go to the dock as soon as we limit on Walleyes. I have NEVER done that in my 22 years of professional guiding. I FISH A FULL 8 HOUR DAY and we fish for ALL SPECIES of fish. Those people have been ripped off and I don't blame them for being upset. There is lots of other species of fish to for and we practice catch and release all day long. I cut the hooks on my deep hooked fish and mainly chase Smallmouth after we limit on Walleyes. Don't let anyone tell you that there is no bite other than Walleye. The Bass limits are quite liberal and limits of Walleyes and Smallmouth on the same day is not that uncommon when the fishing is hot. I fish for EVERYTHING for a FULL DAY! Walleyes, Salmon, Smallmouth, Northern Pike... Whatever is biting... This is YOUR trip and I am going to give you your moneys worth. I have been a professional fishing guide for 22 years and will not rip you off like that. You get what you pay for here.





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