Oahe / Sharpe

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lake Oahe continues to have a fair to good bite going on.  Lots of Walleyes in the system right now.  The bite is fairly shallow on days with wind and a little deeper on calmer days.  I have been fishing out to 30+ foot some days.  Bouncers, pitching jigs, crankbaits... Its all starting to go now.  Then next week or two things will really take off on Oahe.  There is everything up there... Walleyes, northern Pike, Smallmouth, White Bass, Crappie, Catfish, all kinds of fish being caught right now.  Minnows, crawlers are the best.  The main lake is starting to go and I have been fishing from Bushes on down. 

Lake Sharpe has a good to great bite going on depending on the wind conditions.  Downriver from Degray down has the best bite going but I fished in very high winds around Pierre a couple days ago and I had really good success on Walleyes and huge White Bass so dont be afraid to fish close to Pierre if the winds on Oahe or Lower Lake Sharpe get to strong.  8 to 20 ft along channels, sunken humps & islands on lower Sharpe and current breaks on upper Sharpe. Its all going now... Bouncers, jigs, cranks you name it.. minnows and crawlers... I was pitching jigs close to Pierre.

The early Summer bite is coming on strong now and I look for the bite to just get better and better in the next week or 2. Especially on Oahe.

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