Oahe / Sharpe

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Lake Oahe has a fair to good Walleye bite and a really good White Bass bite going on in the Cheyenne River arm.  I was off the Water about 1:30pm today (Oahe / Cheyenne) and we caught 8 Walleye, 16 White Bass, 3 Northern Pike and 1 Smallmouth Bass.  Everyone I talked to had some fish going.   The Walleyes seem to go best on jigs pitched up shallow or on a fairly light bottom bouncer tipped with a minnow out to 20+ foot.    You can really hammer on the Bass by pulling crankbaits up shallow.  My water temp coming into the Cheyenne early this morning was 54 degrees.   Going out 57 degrees. 

Lake Sharpe has a fair to good bite going on for Walleyes from Pierre on down. The water is clearing up below the Bad River and that has opened things up around Pierre.  Stilling basin, bridges, the bluffs and the big sand flats are all holding a few fish.  Jigs, bouncers and crankbaits.   Downriver from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam has a fair to good bite going on too.  Walleyes and Bass there.  Walleyes are up on the shoreline points and I like trolling up shallow for Bass on Lake Sharpe this time of year. 

The bite will keep getting better and better as the water warms up.  The next few weeks are going to be a blast.



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