Oahe / Sharpe

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

LAKE OAHE is really starting to go now.  Walleyes, Northern, White Bass and Smallmouth are all being caught right now.  Look for the warmest water you can find.  The backs of major bays and the Cheyenne River is the ticket right now.  There are 2 bites going on right now.  A shallow 6 to 12 foot mudline bite and a deeper main point bite in 20 to 30 foot.  Its all going now.  Bouncers, Jigs, Crankbaits.   Minnows are best for me but crawlers are working too.  Pitch jigs up into the shallow mudlines and have a couple bouncers going as dead rods.  The deeper bite is mainly on bouncers.  Heavier the better there.  The bite is just starting to go good and with the warmer weather forcasted for this week I look for the bite to only get better and better.  Fun!

LAKE SHARPE has a good to great bite going on too.  Walleyes and Smallmouth there.  The muddy water from the Bad River has finally made it to around West Bend.  The stained water has really made that bite go.  My best bite has been on channel edges in 7 to 12 foot.  Some days out to 25.  There is some Smallies going up shallow and the Walleyes are on the drop offs and channel edges.  Jigs, bouncers, crankbaits.  Its all going here too.  More fun!

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