Lake Sharpe / Oahe Fishing Report

Monday, March 7, 2016

Lake Sharpe has a fair to good bite going on right now in the Pierre area.  Weather dictates all this time of year.  Catch some steady weather the fishing is good.  Catch some cold front and then the bite slows.  The water is warming up more and more and water temps drives the bite more than anything this time of year.  There is a bite from Oahe Marina all the way to twin bridges right now.  Jigs / Minnows is the bait of choice.  I have had my best luck on 1/8 to 1/4 oz jigs.  Whites and greens have been working the best for me as far as colors go. 

My best depth has been all over the place lately.  Like today for example...  We were catching Walleyes in 12 to 14 foot then the current slowed a tiny bit and the fish moved out to 21 foot.  Interesting.,...  This time of year you have to move around and try different locations and depths quite often.  My best bite for Walleyes lately has been on channel edges and heavy current breaks.  Casting / Pitching jigs and deadsticking a jig or split shot rig are my primary fishing techniques in the spring.  Fun...

Lake Oahe has a fair bite going for Northern Pike right now.  There has been some nice Pike caught in the past week or so.  No big numbers yet but the bite has started and as the water warms up the Pike bite will explode.  I was up in a bay Pike fishing today and the surface temp in the bay I was in was 37.   I am thinking the main Pike bite is still a week or two away.  Depends on how fast the water warms up...  Come on Sunshine!!!!!!  No more cold fronts please.... 

Right now the best presentation for Pike is a quick strike rig baited with the biggest Smelt you can find...  All major bays are holding Pike and I try to key on the warmest water that I can find.  Usually that is in the very back part of the bay.   Be sure to bring a Gaff as huge Pike are tough to net from shore.  Once that water warms up you can then start to cast lures and spoons but right now the best presentation is Smelt / quick strike rig. 

The next couple weeks is your VERY best shot at a Trophy 15 to 30 pound Pike.  Come share in the adventure!

Thanks and God bless!





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