Lake Sharpe / Oahe

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lake Oahes walleye bite is still all over the place.  Tough bite.  When the wind blows they can be up shallow in 15 foot or less or hanging out in 40 to 50+ foot of water.  Its hard to dial that bite in.  Bouncers and live bait are still the bait of choice but longlining crankbaits can put a few in the boat too.  Both leadcore and mono there.  The Salmon bite is still slow overall but if you do stick one its going to be HUGE.  Its worth the gamble for a 20 pounder.   The Salmon have been running 80 to 100 foot down on the face of the dam.  Usual stuff there... Flashers, Dodgers, Spoons, Crankbaits.  I like Blues, Green and Pink for my Salmon colors.  The best bite going on Oahe right now is the Smallmouth Bass.  Find a rocky point with deep water nearby and hold on.  I like a bouncer / minnow set up there.  Pitching jigs and crankbaits are working for the Bass too.  Dont forget to hit the rip rap on the face of Oahe Dam this fall for Smallmouth too.  Fun!

 Lake Sharpe has the best bite going right now hands down.  I have had a good bite going for both Walleyes and Smallmouth up shallow in 10 foot or less when the wind blows.  There is also a good deeper sunken hump / channel edge bite going on too out in 15 to 20+ foot for Walleyes.  Both live bait rigs and longlining crankbaits are working good.  My best bite has been from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Lots of 13 to 16 inch Walleyes with an occasional one over 20.  The Smallies are killer on Lake Sharpe and I have been sticking some really nice Bass lately.  I look for the Smallmouth bite to explode as the water cools down.  Not much of a Walleye bite around Pierre yet.  Once the Corps starts dumping water to drain down Oahe the bite around Pierre will pick up big time.  Cant wait for that bite to go... The bluffs, Antelope, Stoney point...oh yeahhhh....

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