Lake Oahe / Sharpe

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Cheyenne River treated us really well today. 16 Walleyes, 21 White Bass, 2 Northern Pike and one pig 17 3/4 inch Smallmouth to round out a great day on Lake Oahe. Pitching 1/8 oz jigs up into 4 foot and working it back out to 15 / 20 foot. Water temp was 52 coming in early this morning. 58 on the way out. Warm water is the key this early. Chartreuse powerbait minnows on 1/8 oz. jigs. Pulling crankbaits up shallow put some fish in the boat too. 10 to 12 foot there. Jigs were better for Walleyes and cranks pounded the Bass. Fun day... Lake Oahe is starting to go. I talked to 7 other boats and everyone had some Walleyes in the box. Some more than others... Its fishing... In about a week or 2 this bite is going to go hard. Lake Oahe rocks.

Lake Sharpe continues to have a fair bite going around Pierre and a fair to good bite going for walleyes at West Bend and beyond.  Jigs and minnows are the bait of choice right now around Pierre but further downriver its all working.... jigs. cranks. bouncers.  Both Walleyes and Smallmouth.  Pitching jigs up shallow on the bluff points, bouncers on the channel edges and pulling plugs on the flats at Joe Creek / West Bend / and beyond. 

I am mainly concentrating on Oahe right now.  Its only going to get better from here on out.  Come on warm water! 



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