Lake Oahe / Sharpe

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lake Oahe has a fair bite going on in the Cheyenne but it is weather dominated and the bite is hit and miss.  I found some Walleyes up in 9 foot of water but it took a few stops along the way to find them.  The Walleyes are scattered but when you find them they are nice fat fish.  The Smallmouth bite continues to hold up and I would call that bite fair to good.  Once again weather dominated.  My best Smallie bite is in 5 to 20 foot rocky humps and saddles with some really deep water nearby.  Those Bass love vertical cliff faces with shallow rocky structure nearby.  The Salmon bite is pretty much over in the Pierre area as the Salmon are moving upriver to spawn now.  There is a chance of getting one casting from shore near the dam face or in the backs of major bays but I have not heard of many being taken as of late.  My Walleyes in the Cheyenne came pulling cranks really shallow and pitching and dragging jigs / minnows / powerbait.  Smallmouth were on bouncers and minnows.  I look for the Walleye bite in the Cheyenne to improve as the water cools down and the fish move back up shallow. 

Lake Sharpe has a good bite one day and a sketchy bite the next.  Weather dominates all this year and it really helps the bite if the Corps is running water.  The best bite is from Farm Island down to Degray.  Bounces / minnows or pulling cranks in 7 to 12 foot is putting them in the box.  The Tailrace is starting to go good at night and if they are running a lot of water at night it can be really good.  Both from shore and boat drifting is the ticket there.  Bouncers / cranks in the boats and pitching husky jerks / stickbaits / slug-o's from the shore.

I am offering a Guided Fishing Special during hunting season this fall.  For a 1/2 day of fishing I am discounting my rates to 350.00 for 2 persons, 400.00 for 3 persons and 450.00 for 4 persons and these quotes are TAX INCLUDED.  I do a lot of these 1/2 day gigs as you cannot hunt Pheasants till NOON CST.   WALLEYES IN THE MORNING AND PHEASANTS IN THE AFTERNOON.  South Dakota is truly an outdoor paradise...  The locals like to call it PIERREADISE.  I agree totally.

I am raising my rates for next year as expenses just keep getting higher and higher.  If you book BEFORE January 1 2017 I will give you this years rate as an early booking discount.  After January 1 2017 the new rates will go into effect.  I have not raised my rates in many years and expenses have forced this upon me.  I had a SUPER year in 2016 and I look for 2017 to be even better.  Thank you everyone! 



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