Lake Oahe / Sharpe

Friday, July 29, 2016

Lake Oahe has a fair bite going on for Walleyes and a good to great bite going on for Smallmouth Bass.  Walleyes are deep and finicky.  If you land on some that are feeding you can put some in the boat but it takes a lot of looking around to find them. Main lake points and the edge of fantasy island is holding some Walleyes in 30 to 60 foot.  Bouncers / crawlers / lead core & crankbaits.... Now the Smallmouth on the other hand are feeding heavily up shallow in 15 foot or less.  I have boated 10 Trophy Angler Award winning Smallmouth Bass in 5 days.  Lots of fish with great action.  It takes an 18 inch or better Smallmouth to qualify for this award.  Not uncommon to have a couple on at a time....  FUN.   The Smallmouth Bass on Oahe right now are some of the biggest Bass that I have seen in 22 years of guiding...   World class to say the least...

Lake Sharpe has a bite going around Pierre but its nothing fast.  Tailrace to Antelope Creek, current breaks, channel edges and deeper holes are all holding fish.  From bouncers and spinners from the tailrace to the bluffs to pitching jigs on the wing dams and current breaks around the bridges.... There seems to be a few fish here and there.  With the Corps running more water now the bite around Pierre should really pick up in the next couple weeks.  Downriver on Lake Sharpe has the best bite going.  Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam is going good for Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass.  Channel edges and sunken humps / islands in 12 to 30 foot depending on the wind and or weather.  Bouncers and crawlers are working the best for me here. 

I have been getting ALOT of phone calls and emails asking if I go to the dock as soon as we limit on Walleyes.  I have NEVER done that in my 22 years of professional guiding.  I FISH A FULL 8 HOUR DAY and we fish for ALL SPECIES of fish.  Those people have been ripped off and I don't blame them for being upset.  There is lots of other species of fish to for and we practice catch and release all day long.  I cut the hooks on my deep hooked fish and mainly chase Smallmouth after we limit on Walleyes.  Don't let anyone tell you that there is no bite other than Walleye.   The Bass limits are quite liberal and limits of Walleyes and Smallmouth on the same day is not that uncommon.  I fish for EVERYTHING for a FULL DAY!  Walleyes, Smallmouth, Northern Pike... Whatever is biting...  This is YOUR trip and I am going to give you your moneys worth.  I have been a professional fishing guide for 22 years and will not rip you off like that.  You get what you pay for here.

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