Month: September, 2015

Lake Sharpe / Oahe

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lake Sharpe is really coming on for the Smallmouth bite and there are nice 15 to 18 inch Walleye limits to be had if you are patient and work your patterns.  Lots of younger fish to go thru to find them though.  I see 2 different things going on from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  There is a deeper submerged timber bite going on in 25 to 30 foot of water and a really interesting bite up shallow in 4 to 8 foot of water.  Lots of shad in Sharpe and that is driving that shallow bite up in the milfoil.  Both live bait (bouncers) and pulling crankbaits are working good.  When the wind starts rolling that shallow bite can be crazy fun.  The killer fall bite for Smallmouth Bass is really setting up nicely.  The bite in the Pierre area is just starting to go fairly good.  Work the deeper holes and channel chutes there.  Bouncers and live bait.

 Lake Oahe is putting out some good Walleyes but nothing fast there.  20 to 50 foot and dont be afraid to go a bit shallower when the wind blows.  Dont overlook going into the backs of the bays as far as you can get and work some of the deeper points there.  There are some good Smallmouth Bass being taken on sunken humps and rock piles with deep water nearby too.  The face of the dam always holds some good Bass.   Bouncers and livebait for the Walleyes and the Bass too.  I have been known to pitch some jigs up for Smallmouth too.  Fun.  The Salmon bite is SLOW but if you get one its going to be huge.  80 to 100 foot for your cannonballs there.  Face of the dam / Berm. 

Thank you all,