Month: May, 2015

Oahe / Sharpe

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lake Sharpe continues to have a good to great bite going for both Walleyes and Smallmouth.  Fishing in the Pierre area is fair to good and the hot bite is from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  Pitching jigs up shallow in the Pierre area is working good right now.  Current Breaks are holding the fish.  Bouncers are working out on the channel edges but its so much more fun to pitch jigs up shallow.  Pitch jigs up into 1 or 2 foot of water and work them back.  Bouncers / minnows out in 10 to 14 foot.  Further downriver the bite is mainly on the big flats and channel edges.  6 to 9 foot on the flats and 10 to 14 on the edges.  Bouncers / Minnows.  Pulling cranks up shallow for Bass is working too.  4 to 9 foot there and you will pick up a few eyes along the way too.  FUN!!!!

Lake Oahe in the Pierre area contnues to be a tad on the slow side yet.  There are a few Walleyes and Smallmouth being taken but nothing fast or consistant.  I look for that bite to go here in a week or 2.  Still a few Catfish and Northern being taken in the backs of the bays also.  The Cheyenne River is flooding and its muddy 2/3 of the way out towards the mouth of the Cheyenne.  It will be a week or 2 before that clears up.  Maybe more if the rain keeps falling out west.  All Lake Oahe needs is a week or 2 of really nice days and that bite will go hard.  I am looking forward to that.

Thank you all,


Lake Sharpe / Oahe

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lake Sharpe

The fishing has really picked up in the past week from Pierre thru Fort Thompson.  The Walleyes have moved off of their spawning grounds and are setting up on the normal summer patterns of sunken humps, channel edges and big flats.  Its all working now... Good to great bite on jigs, bouncers and crankbaits.  6 to 16 foot.   I have been pitching / long lining jigs and pulling cranks mostly.   I am seeing really nice 15 to 18 inch Walleyes and the crazy surprise bite of the spring has been the Smallmouth Bass.  There is an amazing Bass bite going on right now.  I have had a several 18+'s,  two over 19 inches and one World Class 20 inch Smallmouth so far.   Limits of  really nice Walleyes and Smallmouth are common from Joe Creek on down to Big Bend Dam.   Once this rain system moves out of the area I look for the bite to just get better and better...   I have been working channel edges and big flats at Joe Creek / West Bend and around Pierre the bluffs to Stoney Point is putting out some fish both in the channels and up on the edges.  The edge fish are at like 6 to 8 and the channel fish are 12 to 15.  Same deal...Bouncers, Jigs, Cranks.   See you out there!

Lake Oahe

The Walleyes are still not going fast in the Pierre area.  There are a few fish being taken in the backs of the major bays and the back of the Cheyenne but nothing consistant.  There are some nice Smallmouth starting to go on the rocky points and submerged trees.  Mainly pitching jigs and cranks there.  The Pike are still around and people are still picking up a few really huge Pike while searching for Walleyes but its a random thing and nothing fast.  The Channel cats are still back in the bays and easy to catch right now.  I look for the Cheyenne to really take off in about 2 weeks.  All we need is some steady weather to make it all happen.  The Walleyes that are being caught on Oahe right now are super fat and healthy looking!   This summer on Oahe is going to be great. 

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