Month: April, 2015

Lake Sharpe / Oahe

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lake Sharpe

I have been fishing on Lake Sharpe hard the past 2 weeks and I am seeing some really nice 15 to 17 inch Walleyes right now.  The bite is nothing fast but at the end of the day you will have a nice bag of Walleyes and Smallmouth.  The bite around Pierre has slowed up but you can still find some fish if you are patient.  My best bite there was on the current breaks in 12 foot of water.  Jigs / minnows.  My main bite has been further downriver from the Degray corner thru Joe Creek and West Bend.  Using bouncers and live bait rigs in 10 to 20 foot, pitching jigs up shallow in 4 to 9 foot and longlining crankbaits in 6 to 12 foot.  Its all working for me right now it seems like.  Both the Walleyes and Smallmouth look really fat and healthy.  I have been getting my Smallmouth fairly shallow in 6 to 12 foot on jigs / power bait and crankbaits.  See my Lake Sharpe photo gallery for some pix of this weeks Walleye and Smallmouth limits.  I have a good to great bite going right now and with the great weather forecast for next week I think the bite will just keep getting better and better and its good right now.  Fun

Lake Oahe

There is some Pike and Catfish action to be had in the bays and in the back of the Cheyenne but not much for Walleyes yet.  There are a few Walleyes being taken pitching jigs up shallow here and there but no consistant bite yet.  I am thinking mid to late May the Walleye bite should really take off in the Cheyenne.   Looking forward to that.  No news on Salmon yet.

The bite has really taken off for me in the past week or 2 and I am getting some really nice limits of Walleyes and Smallmouth right now.  This bite will only get better and better as the fish transition off of the spawn.  Please come spend a day or two on the boat with me and enjoy some of the world class fishing this area has to offer.   Thank you and good fishing!


Lake Sharpe / Oahe

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lake Sharpe is really starting to go around the Pierre area now.  Its not a slam dunk killer bite ( I think that bite is a week or 2 away yet ) but if you are patient and work your patterns there are some really nice Walleyes to be had.  The Walleyes I see are really fat and healthy.  The females were really ripe and ready to go.  We should have a great spawn this spring.  I have been fishing hard this past week and the fishing has been good.  Just working 1/8 oz jigs in current breaks.   Its nothing fast but the fish are there.  There is a crankbait bite further downriver on the channel edges / sandbars some days too.  You can find fish all the way to DeGray now.  Current edges and breaks are holding the most fish.  My best depth was 11 to 12 foot up around Pierre.  There is a bite going at West Bend too.  Pitch jigs up on shallow points and shelves to connect with the fish there.  Not uncommon to catch them up in 4 to 5 foot when you are pitching those points.  1/4 oz jigs work better there.  The next few weeks are going to be great.  The fish are moving in big time and they are hungry. 

Lake Oahe is still a week or two away as far as the Walleyes go.  I have not heard much coming out of the Cheyenne River yet.  With some warmer weather that bite should really start to go.  Looking forward to that.  There are still some Pike to be had in the bays and the catfish are thick too.  There has been a few boats out chasing Salmon but that bite has been tough.  I think once the thermocline sets up later this summer that bite will go.  It will be interesting to see as there was some really nice Salmon caught last fall.  I am looking forward to fishing in the Cheyenne soon.  Jigs n minnows....  My favorite time of year!