Month: October, 2015

Sharpe / Oahe

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lake Sharpe

The fishing around Pierre has been fair to good depending on the wind and weather.  Channel edges, sand bars and big flats are all holding fish.  5 to 12 foot deep and I like to pull spinners and plain hook rigs downstream around Pierre.  There is jig bite behind the bridge pilings and the Tailrace is starting to go a bit too.   The bite from Joe Creek to big Bend Dam is outstanding for Smallmouth and fair for Walleyes.  I have been working shallow there... from 5 to 15 foot.  Bouncers, jigs and crankbaits are all working downriver.  The water is cooling down and with some steady weather the fall bite will continue to improve all up and down Lake Sharpe.   

Lake Oahe

The Walleye bite on Oahe is starting to pick up a bit as the water is cooling down and the fish are starting to show up shallow again.  There are some eyes being taken  in less than 20 foot of water now and I look for that bite to continue as fall progresses.  Fat and healthy is how I would describe the fish on Oahe right now.  The Smallmouth Bass bite has been good to great lately on Oahe.  I have been finding my best Smallmouth bite on sunken islands and rocky humps in less than 20 foot of water.  The face of the dam has been holding some Bass too.  Bouncers, jigs and crankbaits are all working on Oahe and I would favor minnows when chasing the Smallmouth. 

I look for the fall bite to continue to be good as long as we have steady weather.  The long range forecast looks good and I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for another great summer!